With U.S. Census Data showing that 78% of NYC small businesses reported a continuing negative impact from the pandemic as of March 2021, it now remains a critical moment to celebrate and show support for every business that has endured and adapted to keep NYC running.

Venture Forward is a multiyear study by GoDaddy that measures the impact of microbusinesses across the U.S. Their results reveal the outsized economic impact of everyday entrepreneurs and lay the groundwork for policy makers and elected officials to build stronger, more inclusive local economies.

Venture Forward has provided us with data around New York-based microbusinesses organized by borough that breakdowns the pandemic’s adverse effects on the small businesses and the people behind them.

The Bronx




Staten Island

Profile of Microbusinesses:


Less than 10 employees

Has both presence online and brick+mortar


Provides main or supplemental income

Not in traditional workforce


Identified purpose as commercial

Small business is BIG – 1 new business per 100 people has major impact on the economy.


Percentage point drop in unemployment

New jobs created by each additional entrepreneur


Increase in economic resilience

Increase in median household income

Thank You New York Small Businesses for the impact you have on the economy!

Support NYC’s Small Business owners and help build our economy back.